Step-by-Step Travel to Coron Part 6 – Let’s go on a Safari Adventure @ Calauit Island!

Last May 2012, our family went on a tour to Calauit island Safari by land.  I booked this trip through the DIY Coron website.

The tour included a roundtrip van transport to Calauit and back to Coron town, boat transfer to the island, lunch, stopover at Concepcion Falls and last tour at Makinit Hotsprings (with entrance fee) on the way back.  This tour cost us a 1443php per person (for a group of 8).

We left Coron town early at 4am.  We stopped for breakfast at Salvacion town.  The meal was not included in the tour rate and paid 100php/person.


Our van transport during the tour



Inside Dayon Karaenan Restaurant…

At around 8 am, we arrived at the dock going to the Calauit Safari park.


Dock at the Busuanga side — a short ferry going to Calauit Island. It is actually separate from Busuanga but from the air, it looks part of the mainland because of the healthy growth of mangroves connecting them.

After registration at their reception office, we walked for a few minutes going to the park.

calauit sign


From afar, we can already see the giraffes leisurely eating bushes.


Giraffes having their breakfast

We were taken to a waiting area where the tour truck will fetch us for a drive around the park.

pic 7

There’s a small playground for children to play while waiting for the tour truck

pic 6)

Gazebo where the tour guides meet the guests to give a briefing about the Calauit Island Sanctuary and Park

While waiting, we fed the giraffes their favorite leaves.


The animals in the park like the calamian deer (mouse deer) and zebra like the giraffes roam around freely.  The Calamian Deer is endemic in Calauit island and cannot be found anywhere else. 


The Calamian deer is said to be the smallest deer in the world

The kids are so amazed by the animals and they enjoyed this tour even if it’s a long trip.  We rode the tour truck around the sanctuary.  We again fed the giraffes.


Our sweet ride going around the park


My son enjoys feeding the giraffes! What a healthy appetite they have!

Driving around, there are also other animals as well but they are kept in enclosures.

pic 13


Bearcat or locally called Binturong


Wild boar or Baboy ramo (local name)


Porcupines roused from their sleep so that visitors can see them! They’re nocturnal you see hehe!

Going to Calauit can also be made by boat which is 3 and a half hours ride from Coron town.  They said it is advisable to go by boat if the waters are calm usually in the months of December to March.  During summer, the waters in the Gutob Bay become rough that is why we chose to go by land when we went there during May. 

pic 17

boat dock on the Calauit island side

If you are going to Coron with your kids, go to Calauit and the joy in their eyes will make the trip truly worth the cost and long trip!


We hope to see you again soon!

Watch out for my next post — Coron Part 7 – Coron Town Charms & Pasalubong Shopping.

Photo credits: Pictures posted in this blog are from my personal collection and that of my sister Joy of Creative Booze Photography.

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