Step-by-Step Travel to Coron Part 4 – Culion Island Tour

Culion was a town made famous by its quaint history of being declared a leper colony in 1904 when the island was once home to people with leprosy at a time when they believed that the disease was contagious and lepers need to be segregated from the rest of the populace.

Approaching Culion island...

Approaching Culion island…

Today, this town still had a small population of former lepers who were already cured and a sanitarium.  In Coron area, their hospital was considered to have the most complete equipment and facilities.

I had planned to drop by Culion Island to see their museum and go around town for a quick sightseeing.  In my previous post, we had come from an overnight stay in Banana island, then  dropped by Malcapuya Island to have late breakfast and swim.

At around 10am, we rode our boat for an hour’s trip to Culion Island.  Our boatman, Manong Fred is based is Culion Island.  He graciously arranged for our lunch there in one of the town’s restaurants the Tabing Dagat Restaurant that is also a lodging house.

Our boat docked beside the Tabing Dagat Lodging House and Restaurant

Our boat docked beside the Tabing Dagat Lodging House and Restaurant

If you were coming from Coron town, ferry boats for public transport regularly ply the route to Culion at noon until late afternoon only.  The ride was from 90 minutes to an hour going there.

Certain tourists opt to book their accommodations in Culion as the island was centrally located when you want to visit islands in the Gutob Bay vicinity like Banana-Malcapuya, Calumbuyan, Bulalacao, Black island, Dibutonay island, North & South cay islands.  If you were booked from Coron, you can only visit one or two of these islands before going back. Staying in Culion is good if you plan a tour of Gutob Bay islands for a day or two.  The downside to staying here was that food choices are limited (according to Manong Fred).

The restaurant that prepared our lunch was the in-house restaurant of the Tabing Dagat Lodging House.  The owner was there and he graciously toured us to inspect the rooms in his hotel.  Some are airconditioned with its own toilet & bath.  Some were fan rooms only and have common areas for CR but all were clean and comfortable.  Our meal for 5 cost 700php.   

We always have Coca Cola =)

We always have Coca Cola =)

After lunch, we rode a tricycle to town and went to Culion’s 18th century church, the La Immaculada Concepcion that was built by the Augustinian missionaries in 1740 that was inside a fort (Fort Culion) to protect against moro raids at that time.  The building was beautifully restored, the altar magnificent as its ceilings.  Beside the church was the ‘parola’ where the ruins of fort now remain and a view deck looking out to the sea.  Antique cannons are still placed there used during the Spanish era .  Today, a lighted beacon and antenna is attached to the fort’s remains.  Looking below, you can see the crystal clear waters of Culion in a breath-taking view.

pic 6

Beautiful altar

pic 5

Church of the La Immaculada Concepcion

Church of the La Immaculada Concepcion

standing of the fort ruins called the Parola

standing on the fort ruins called the Parola

The waters are so clear below

The waters are so clear below

Next Manong toured us in the sanitarium and town hospital before going back. Unfortunately the museum was closed for renovation that day

Sorry the Museum was closed :(

Sorry the Museum was closed 😦

Entrance to the Sanitarium

Entrance to the Sanitarium

following Manong Fred from the Church

following Manong Fred from the Church

The trike we rode we paid for 100php total.

At about 2pm, we left Culion to drop by the Lusong gun boat wreck snorkeling area (that I’ll post on the next blog article) then got back to Coron town at about past 5pm.

Our whole two-day tour boat hire rate with Manong Fred cost us 8000php.

Here is a summary of our expenses for the two day tour:


Total cost(Php)

Divided by 5/per head cost(Php)

Boat hire 2 days



Food from market- (lunch-dinner-breakfast)



Kayangan lake- entrance


Banol island -entrance + table rent


Skeleton wreck-entrance


Banana island –overnight accommodation + entrance


Malcapuya island –entrance


Culion lunch



Culion tricycle fare (town tour)



Lusong loop -entrance




Contact Details:

Tabing Dagat Lodging House & Restaurant – their fan room rates start at 450php/night and aircon rooms at 900php/night; Bgy Balala, Culion, Palawan;+63 928 6757473/ +63 920 2779327 / +63 920 4056659

Culion Museum and Archives – entrance fee Foreigners – 250php; non-locals- 100php, locals- 50php and students (with ID) – 20php; +63 928 2812276 / +63 921 5787152 / +63 919 3779757

Manong Fred Credo’s Contact number at this blog.

Watch out for my next post — Coron Part 5 –Calumbuyan Island-Lusong Tour

Photo credits: Pictures posted in this blog are from my personal collection and that of my friend Jennee Oliveros.

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