Adrenaline Rush — Canyoning in Moalboal, Cebu (March 2010)

When my friends from the production team of Sports Unlimited asked if I wanted to come with them to go canyoning in Moalboal, Cebu, I immediately said yes. They featured this canyoning adventure in their show before and the group had scheduled this trip back there thus their invitation for me to join. I also invited my friend Jennee along and we booked our tickets. We arrived at Cebu airport 30 minutes earlier than them.

1 airport lobby

At the lobby of Mactan International Airport, waiting for my friends to arrive

This is my first trip to Cebu and after meeting up at the airport, we rode a taxi to South Terminal of Cebu City to catch the buses going to Moalboal that leave the terminal every hour.

2 bus ride

happy travellers and perfect weather!

After 3 hours of bus ride through winding roads with rather sharp hairpin curves, we arrive at Moalboal town. We bought snacks, water and other last-minute-stuff at the market then we rode a tricycle going to our accommodation on the beach side.

Here we are at the Tipolo Adventure and Dive Resort — home of the Planet Action Adventure tours that offer canyoning, caving, diving among other adrenaline-driven adventures.

3 tipolo

veranda in front of our rooms

4 tipolo rm

our rooms with two single beds

5 tipolo cottage

they also have single detached cottage rooms with their own private veranda

We arrived at around lunch so we decided to explore the beachside sights and find somewhere to eat lunch.

6 beach walk

paved walks under boungainvillea flowers

7 beach walk

it’s good to travel with great friends!

8 beach

emo-emohan shots — what lies beyond is anybody’s guess! =) @ Panagsama Beach

Our canyoning adventure is scheduled the next day so we just chilled around the resort, took a swim at the beach and had a great time!

9 veranda

The resort also has an in-house restaurant where you can order food to eat — here we are dining at the veranda.

10 restaurant

Our resort’s bar and in-house restaurant — The Last Filling Station. They also have a brick-oven to cook their pizzas (regretted that I did not take a photo)

I woke up early and took a walk at the beach side to see the dawn with the full moon still up…

moalboal dawn

Let’s start the day right! Adventuretime! Wake up guys!

At about 8AM, we assembled in front of the resort with these tour truck/jeep/i-don’t-know-what-they’re-actually-called vehicles to take our group to the start point of our canyoning tour.

11 planet ad truck

Snappy! I wanna own one of these!

12 ride to start pt

excited campers, me and my friend Jennee

There was a 30-minute trek going up the hills…

13 trek to start pt

…and a quick tutorial on how to rappel with the ropes and links tied to a coconut tree.

14 rappel how-to

…as if I did not already know how! Haha!

Here we are at the top of the falls, waiting for our turn…

waiting to go down

smiling but nervous haha!

We’re going down this gorge, the one of 4 waterfall escarpments called the Montaneza Falls. Our guides were expert mountaineers who helped us wear the rappel gear and assist us on our way down. Woohoo, I was so excited!

view down

And now, we were going down! So thrilling!

rappel down 2

This (photo below) is the highest falls among the 4, almost 30 feet high, the last one we rappelled down on.

rappel down montaneza falls rappel down

I made it!


And my companions as well! Many smiles now even if they’re screaming their lungs out just moments ago!


Success is so sweet at the finish line but not yet =)

The best part is soaking at the hot springs below the falls…

soak hotsprings

Hot spring waters relax our tired muscles! Just look at our smiles of contentment!

…and eating our picnic lunch after our ardous journey! What a spread these guys prepared!


Super tired and hungry!

What more can I say? I want to go again and try their other canyoning tour at Tison Falls that they say is more challenging than Montaneza!

So when in Cebu, add Moalboal to your itinerary — it is definitely worth going and you will remember your adventures for the rest of your life.


How much are the expenses you have to consider when going on Moalboal canyoning?

food and pasalubong/souvenir expenses not included. Eating in Moalboal is not that expensive. Bus and tricycle fares are one-way

food and pasalubong/souvenir expenses not included. Eating in Moalboal is not that expensive. Bus and tricycle fares are one-way

Acknowledgement: Photos in this blog are taken by me and from my friends’ collections — Jazz Perez, Jennee Santua and Bernard Necio.

2 thoughts on “Adrenaline Rush — Canyoning in Moalboal, Cebu (March 2010)

    • Hello! We left the hotel after breakfast and drove some 15minutes away to the jump off point. At around lunch we were already finished and eating a picnic lunch at the area near the last falls drop. I guess the whole canyoning maybe around 3 hours. πŸ™‚

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