Foodie in me in Sagada

While in Sagada, you gain a humongous appetite as you plan to carbo-load for a day’s worth of trekking, walking or caving.

During our first day and the days to come, we often ate here… Image

This group here of hungry adventurers is us =)Image

The first time we came, we ordered this strawberry yoghurt for lunch then dinner (dessert).  But they ran out the next day when we came back Image

For my first dinner in Sagada (the day before we went caving), we ate at the Yoghurt House… Image

… and ate a huge plate of pasta that I thought I first I could not finish.


This here is a tomato, eggplant and basil pasta

Another eating place is Masferre.  We didn’t eat here but we bought our pasalubong and they have a wide selection of local goodies like Sagada oranges, jams, preserves, red rice and local muscovado sugar.  Image

Another exclusive restaurant here is the Log Cabin.  “By reservation only” – we chanced to peep inside its cozy interior.  If you want to eat here, it’s easy to make a reservation especially if it’s not peak season.  Every Saturday, they have a special buffet dinner cooked by the French-gone-native and adopted son of Sagada Chef Aklay so you have to make a reservation to have a slot.  Check out this link  Visit Sagada for their contact details.


Food carts abound in the side street near the market place like this one selling arroz caldo in the early morning.  Lemons are more bountiful here than the common calamansi as they use its juice as a condiment to their steaming porridge.  I really love it!


For my last night in Sagada, we had a night cap at Lemon Pie House – we had Sagada brewed coffee and the piece de resistance – the oh-so-yummy-to-die-for-and-come-back-for lemon pie!


The  place had a homey feel as they have low tables with pillows to sit on. The walls have artsy pictures featuring their place “the Lemon Pie House” that made being here truly a unique experience.



Three years have passed and coming back to Sagada seemed not an option anymore but a must!

I will see you again Sagada — in my dreams and in reality!  That’s a promise! =)

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