My Travel Blog at Last!

After many months and weeks soul-searching, and many plans to write a blog about various topics that I think I know — finally, I found where my heart belongs to. I want to share my travels with my friends and other people who may appreciate my stories about places in our beautiful country, the Philippines, and other countries where I have been to as well.  This blog sprung out from my idea of “travel planning” for my friends on Facebook.  [Add me at].  I dreamed of being in the business of travels and tours but finding myself short on capital funds (learning much from my masters course right now, hehe), I decided to invest on my talent, knowledge and acquiring as much information as possible about the various places people would want to go to, where I myself would want to go.  So some 2 weeks ago, I told all my friends to add my Vicky TravelPlanner Facebook account where I will plan their travel itineraries for free, whenever, wherever! And in return, if they find their experience enjoyable or my itinerary helpful then they can just write a short testimonial on my wall and if they can upload some pictures there, so much better!  I will also ask them some feedback on the trip, regarding the tours I recommended, the cost and accommodations so I can update my database of destinations for other people or myself to reference when I plan to go where they’ve been.  If my friends approve, they can also be featured as a guest blogger here to write about the trip I planned for them.


So far I found it fun and interesting to research in the internet about many places.  So far I’ve had many clients asking about Bangkok, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur for abroad, and Pagsanjan-Tagaytay tour and Batanes for local trips.

My plan seemed promising and my knowledge grows every day as my friends in FB would either message me or email me at asking about places where they plan to go.  I consider my “service” and this blog a stepping stone towards the fulfillment of my bigger dreams.  I hope to interest you readers on the travelling tales of a mother and a government worker who finds time and budget (as in programmed into the annual program hehe) to travel the country and the world.

May our many happy travels become our most cherish memories!  Have plans, will travel!

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